FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Drop-off Hours?

  • Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm only
  • No after-hour drop-offs!

What Do You Accept?

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam
  • Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam
  • LDPE film plastics, bubble wrap, stretch wrap
  • Flattened cardboard boxes

Do You Take Hot Tub Covers?

  • We do not accept hot tub covers (no exceptions)

Where Are You Located?

Does It Cost to Drop Off Styrofoam?

  • It's FREE to the public and business

How Do I Recycle It?

  • 1 First, sort and separate your foam material (removing all the tape, stickers, and labels)
  • 2 Separate your materials (Styrofoam from your Polyethylene foam)
  • 3 Plastic wrap must be bagged separately
  • 4 Packaging peanuts must be bagged or boxed separately
  • 5 Make sure all your material is clean!

Do You Accept Packaging Peanuts?

  • Yes, they need to be bagged or boxed separately from other materials

What Does It Cost for a Pick-up?

  • Simply go to "New customer" on our website and request a quote, this charge is mostly based on your location. A reply will come within 24 – 48 hour

How Do I Know I Have the Right Material You Accept?

  • There are photos on our website, and you can also google EPS & EPE foam in "google images" to see different types of pictures.
  • Also look for the #6 or #4 on the foam material

What Don't You Accept?

  • We do not accept any dirty, wet foam or any foam with tape stickers or labels
  • We do not accept "Instapaks" or any plastic-wrapped spray in foams
  • We do not accept any "Hot tub covers"!
  • We do not accept any foam with glued cardboard on it
  • We do not accept co-mingled bags of materials (please separate your materials before dropping them off)

What is "EPS"?

  • Expanded Polystyrene (commonly known as "Styrofoam")

How Do I Recycle "Instapak" Foam Packaging?

  • Remove the plastic film on the outside, recycle that, then crumble the foam from the inside and discard that in your trash

What Happens to the Styrofoam After I Drop It Off?

  • Our machine grinds it and then extrudes it out, and we then form it into blocks making it easier to stack and ship

How Does It Get Recycled?

  • Once a load of 40,000/lbs of processed EPS material is produced, it is sold to manufacturers to be made into plastic products

What Does EPS Foam Get Turned Into?

  • Picture frames, light switch & outlet covers, crown molding, and some electronic cases

How Can I Help My Community by Recycling Styrofoam?

  • Ask your local School, Church, or Senior Center if they can collect foam from your community by hosting a drop-off center

Is There a Limit to How Much I Can Drop Off?

  • There is no limit to clean, dry foam material; truck loads must make make appointments
    Just make sure you remove all tape, stickers, and labels before dropping it off

How Can I Help Keep This Program Going?

  • If you sort and separate your materials before dropping them off, this will help keep our costs down, allowing us to continue providing this free service for the public
  • NOTE: When we encounter co-mingled materials that we must separate, this increases our cost forcing us to consider charging a fee for this drop-off program